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square stronghold

On this page you will learn more about my Square Stronghold, which is a combination of previous projects on this site, from the initial setup to how it will evolve with future additions.  

This fortified perimeter of towers and walls could house a variety of groups, such as nobility or adventurers.  It could be applied in war-gaming themes, role-playing scenarios, or be part of a diorama.  

This collaboration of foam structures was cut and detailed, using tools mainly from the Hot Wire Foam Factory.  
Along with showcase pictures on this page, you can view videos from my YouTube gaming channel that will share in depth of my thoughts on the project step by step.

Initial Setup

Above is the initial setup of the stronghold itself, after building all of the other towers and walls separately.  


Above is a closer look of the Keep and other towers within the courtyard.   


Although the initial towers are built, I still need to place more stairs in the back left corner.  


It is hard to see from this angle, but the two side guard towers do not have matching windows as they face the courtyard.  


Here is a top down aerial view and you can see how much space is open within the courtyard.  This area will be filled with more buildings in the future.  A closer look of the stronghold is further explained in the video below,  

This video is part one of my square stronghold project.  In this segment I showcase the assembled result of my square stronghold design, made from previous project videos to date.  This is an ongoing project in which I will make additions and other modular modifications to this modular terrain setup.