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Crafter's Blog

Welcome to my blog.  

Here I will share thoughts on my experiences with my crafting.  This page is no longer going to be active and I will leave these blogs on the page until I decide to rewrite or move them.  Now I have an external blog site that I will focus writing my blogs on and posting along with pictures as well.  Follow the link below:



Not all hot glue guns are equal

As of late I have been using hot glue more often in my dungeon builds and found that low temperature hot glue works well with binding small bits of foam.  I currently use a mini hot glue gun and it does a really good job of small gluing areas.  What I primarily use the low temperature hot glue gun for is affixing walls to my modular dungeon rooms and scenery pieces.  This type of hot glue binds the foam or white polystyrene quickly and does not get hot enough to melt it as it cools.  

When I tried to do liquid effects after watching some YouTube videos from the; I found my hot glue gun was limited.  After doing some experimentation with the mini hot glue gun for making puddles, it worked as long as the puddles were small.  When I tried to cover a larger area, the glue cooled too fast and left behind lines of cooled hot glue.  

So, in the future I will have to invest in a hotter glue dispenser for larger areas, if I want to attempt larger liquid effects in the dungeon.  I still like my mini hot glue gun and it is very useful for small areas only.   

The Walls need Weight!

After doing my Square Stronghold setup for the first time I realized the walls did not fair well with the uneven foam core board that they were sitting on,  The boards were warped and curved upwards around the edges.  

It was just a trial run to see how the pieces fit together for the first time after all the effort was put into building them.  I think I mentioned it in my first video of my Square Stronghold Project and did the best I could with having them lean against the towers.  

It has been quite a fun crafting journey to design, build, and record WIP videos and Tutorials on the modular castle walls and basic towers themselves.  

Since the walls proved to be top heavy, even though they are foam, I decided to add some weight to them with some filler.  Much to my surprise the caulking compound hardened within the shaft.  After fighting with it to clear the blockage, I decided to cut open the tube and dispense it into a re-purposed jelly jar, so I could put an air tight seal on it.  

So, I will definitely add another tutorial video to my foam castle wall series on my YouTube channel in the near future.     

Welcome to my Dungeon

As of late I have embarked on crafting my own dungeon tile system for tabletop gaming/ role-playing and have decided to craft it mainly out of foam.  I have posted a video on my site from YouTube (Dungeon Tiles 0 - Intro to the Foam) recently and am pleased with the results so far.

During my experimenting with room sizes, I soon realized that I was better off going with an inch based system, measured in multiples of four.  At first I tried to do the system in multiples of two and discovered that the passageways of the dungeon terrain did not line up properly with the room tiles.  

By mere chance or clever accident I was able to draw reference from DMG's system(, my main source of inspiration for this, and translate his system with the multiples of four I stated earlier.  Thank you, DMG.Info!