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castle wall - 7

Assembling the Wall

Here you will learn how to assemble the castle wall, step by step.  My recommended adhesive is Loctite Power Grab.  This process is explained hands on in a video down the page.  

Any foam friendly adhesive will work, like Elmer's glue, however I prefer using Loctite Power Grab adhesive.  It is thicker than regular glue and forms a very strong bond when cured.  The parts are not easy to pull apart, compared to regular glue after I conducted a pull test experiment.  

With Loctite Power Grab it is important to spread the adhesive out fairly smoothly in order to get maximum coverage and to ease in gently pressing the foam pieces together.  

Take the main wall and runner piece(left) and prepare to glue them together first.  Using Loctite Power Grab apply the adhesive to the top of the main wall in staggered spots. Take a small stick and spread the glue evenly on the surface.  Line up and gently press the runner piece on top of the main wall.  Any adhesive that spewed out the sides can be cleaned out with a simple toothpick.  Make sure all sides are lined up and allow to cure for at least four to eight hours before moving on to the next step. 

Take the trim piece(middle), apply adhesive to its back side, and gently press it on the front of the main wall.  Make sure edges are lined up and allow to cure time before moving on to the next step.  

Take the merlon piece(right), apply adhesive to the top of the trim piece, and gently press it into place.  Check edges to be flush and allow curing time, before moving on to the next step.  All of this is futher explained in the video below.  

This video is part seven of my castle wall tutorial.  In this segment I show how to glue and assemble the pieces of the entire wall.