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castle wall - 6

Detailing the Runner Piece

Here you will learn how to detail the runner piece of a castle wall.  The runner piece is the section on the top of the wall the guards would be standing on as they overlook the perimeter of the castle.  I show a simple carving method using the Hot Wire Foam Factory Precision Engraver.  This process is explained hands on in a video down the page.   

As pictured above(left) once the cut edges of the runner piece are sanded or filed off of angel hairs, it is ready to be detailed.  Although I do not show it here, this piece can be detailed in different ways.  I use a simple staggered block method,  however any block or stone pattern can be applied to this surface.  With a marker(right) choose a side of the runner that will meet up with the merlon side of the wall.  I usually mark it with a letter "M."

Using a square or ruler(left) measure along the merlon side of the runner about .5 inches and mark three places for a horizontal line.  From the short end of the runner(right) measure one inch vertical markings as shown. 

Using a square or ruler trace the horizontal line across the piece(left) with a hot wire engraver.  Always use caution with a hot wire tool for it will burn your skin if not handled properly.  With this particular foam a ball point pen will suffice to make a similar impression, if preferred.  

Now trace the vertical lines(middle) and connect them to the horizontal line.  Be careful not to go past the horizontal line.  Always use caution with a hot wire tool for it will burn your skin if not handled properly. 

Using only the hot wire engraver(right) freehand draw in the lines in a staggered pattern as shown.  Take care to connect and not engrave past the lines already made.  

Using only the hot wire engraver on the wall side of the runner(above), trace the lines to connect the blocks as shown.  It is not necessary to trace the lines on the merlon side of the runner, since it will be covered by the merlon side of the wall.  This detailing process is further explained in the video below.    

This video is part six of my castle wall tutorial.  In this segment I show how to detail the runner piece that sits behind the merlons of the castle wall by using the hot wire foam factory engraver.