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castle wall - 4

Detailing the Merlons

Here you will learn about detailing the merlons of the castle wall in which I use two different hot wire tools from the Hot Wire Foam Factory, the Precision Engraver and Free Hand Router. Although you can get by with just carving lines for blocks, I take it a few steps further and add more depth and function to an iconic feature of a castle wall.  This whole process is presented hands on in a video down the page.  

Referring to the left picture above, the raw edges of the crenelations are cleaned out and it is ready for carving the brick detail into the merlons. As in the middle picture take a square or ruler and measure out horizontal marks .5 inches apart.  Turn the piece over and repeat this step on the other side,  Like the right picture, use a square or ruler and trace the lines across the piece with a hot wire engraver.  Always use caution with a hot wire tool for it will burn your skin if not handled properly.  Turn the piece over and repeat this step on the other side.  

Pictured above is a close up of the carved detail on the merlons.  

As in the left picture take a marker and draw lines that connect the crenelations to the horizontal line below.  Using the hot wire engraver trace the marks and be careful to only connect to the horizontal line below.  Turn the piece over and repeat the steps on the other side.  The right photo depicts how it should when you are done.  

Above is a closeup of how the carving should look.  These vertical carvings will mark the endpoints for the slant that will be carved out next.  

Using a hot wire wand or preferably the hot wire foam factory freehand router and carefully carve out a slanted piece between the merlons.  Use caution, since the hot wire tool is very hot and can burn your skin if not handled properly.  After the scrap piece is discarded, use a small file to smooth out the carved area into a gentle slant. 

Pictured above is a closeup of how the slant should look.  One thing I neglected to mention prior to this step is to connect the horizontal lines on the merlons between the crenelations as depicted here.  The lines on the merlons must go all the way around them.  

An optional step, pictured above, is to carve angles out of the merlons on the back side of the merlon piece.  After marking the slanted cuts with a sharpie on the top, use the free hand router to carefully cut down the length of the merlon.  

Above is a closeup of how it should look when done.  This additional cut will destroy the horizontal block carvings made earlier, which will require the hot wire engraving tool in order to reconnect the lines in the back of the merlons.  All of this is further explained in the video below.   

This video is part four of my castle wall tutorial.  In this segment I show how to detail the merlons of the castle wall using the hot wire foam factory engraver and free hand router.