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Creativity Never Dies

I have a passion for creativity and it has been with me all of my life as I started doodling when I was in middle school.  During that time I built a castle out of tissue boxes and cardboard.  It was my very own play set for miniatures and gave me a feeling of accomplishment.  Of course it was awful and not structurally built correctly, so after a while of being tired of it I destroyed it and left its image buried in my mind. 

After high school graduation I enlisted in the US Army and was trained in operating equipment that tested electronic modules of larger equipment.  After three years of service I honorably left and chose a different career path in electronics.  During that time my creativity was kept in a dingy closet of my mind, collecting dust,  and forgotten. 

After taking a couple of years of college I landed my first job in manufacturing and met a friend who turned me on to Japanese Animation.  It didn't take long before my desire to draw resurfaced and later I bought a drawing table as well as a lot of drawing books.  At one time I thought I would pursue a career in comic book art and kept drawing as much two dimensional stuff I could.  My drawings ranged from fantasy creatures, monsters, women, men, and whatever else, like guns and blades.  After a while I decided not to do such an endeavor. 

Around that same time I met some new friends and together we played many hours of Dungeons and Dragons.  The game playing was fun and I enjoyed the social time although it did nothing for my creativity of drawing other than character creation.  With that base of knowledge and the frustration I had of playing with the current system available sometimes I felt that I could create my own role-playing system.  I did in fact do so and had my group test it out.  However, my drive to continue it soon dwindled and I placed that project on the shelf. 

Meanwhile, I moved on and found a gaming store to broaden my horizons of creativity.  At first I was fascinated as I watched people play their mini-war-games on tables as they rolled the dice and argued over rules.  I never really pursued miniature gaming as I didn't have the patience for painting miniatures.  After a while my time was limited and my visits to the gaming store shrunk and so did my interest in the gaming. 

Later on I was inspired to write, since I was annoyed by so many crappy independent movies released at video rental stores.  I started writing short stories and as I met other people I was inspired to convert some into novels.  In fact I succeeded in having one novel and one short story published by different companies and was happy with the results at first until I realized my work was not bestselling material and that I would have to start all over again. 

At this time my wife came into my life and I pretty much gave up on writing full time.  Still frustrated with my full time job that was going nowhere my creative energy resurfaced unexpectedly.  After the birth of my daughter I started noticing a lot of movies and books involving strongholds.  It was at that point that I started to look for "how to" videos on You tube.  My mind was buzzing with so much inspiration that I could not get enough of the stuff.  Several of the sites involving miniature terrain and gaming led me to believe that it would be a worthwhile pursuit in my spare time. 

So creatively, I am a mixed nut as all that I have learned is melding together as I wrote this.  With that said my drawing will be put to designing strongholds.  My writing will be used for background stories of castles and other medieval structures I create.  I may even write some articles related to the subject matter.  My gaming time is limited, however, it will fuel some of my creativity as well as movies that have fortresses and other buildings as well.  As time goes on this website will continue to expand, reflecting  my reborn creativity as I build miniature strongholds of my own and other related crafts.  Videos as well as pictures will also reflect what I am doing as well.  Creativity can never die, it just evolves into something better.  Thank you for reading my lengthy story and I hope my work inspires you and entertains as well.  

Kevin W. Morrison