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This website is dedicated to the creative aspects of crafting various modular terrain, gaming accessories, and miniatures for use in tabletop war-gaming, role-playing, and dioramas.  
Modular terrain will be showcased of medieval buildings, dungeons and strongholds.  Gaming accessories will include castle scenery, dungeon traps, and other decorative elements.  Miniatures will consist of monster creations inspired by fantasy books, movies, and videos.  
Work in Progress and Tutorial videos from my YouTube channel will share techniques on how to construct certain featured items.
I have a Crafter's Blog that I will share thoughts on my experiences with my crafting from time to time and updates will be posted on this page.  
It is my hope that you find my creative works inspiring and you find my videos entertaining as well.  

Thanks for stopping by.  


What is a Stronghold?

stronghold is a fortified structure, designed to protect its inhabitants from enemies intent on attacking them.  It can be simply a tower, compared to a castle or fortress, which is several fortified buildings surrounded by an outer defensive wall. However, a stronghold can be a castle if the criteria matches, not to be confused with a palace which is primarily constructed for decorative flare and not necessarily defense.

Strongholds can be tailor made to reflect the desires of its master in function and protection. Many can be built on various kinds of terrain involving land masses and water. They are home to kings, emperors, overlords, and other strong rulers. Land dwelling races such as humans, elves, dwarves and others use them as a central point of influence over their territories as well as protecting their citizens in times of siege.  


Current ProjectS

This section pertains to a crafting project I am working on.  The possibilities are endless and only limited to my imagination.  My projects range from crafting miniature structures, creating landscapes of terrain for miniature buildings, sculpting small items for courtyards and dungeons, or scribing fantasy inspired drawings.  All projects will be linked to a series of work in progress YouTube videos on a separate page.  

My current project is: 

A Wizard's Keep WIP Project

A number of videos have been posted on my YouTube channel and WIP photos are currently on my Facebook page.  

Pages for this project will be available in the near future.  

Previous Projects:  

Dungeon Tiles 

and I have started to do another coinciding series:  

Dungeon Traps

and I have another supplement to both:  

Dungeon Decor


a channel chat with dmg

Dungeon Master G interviews me about my channel as I help him rebuild his subscriber base.